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  • Decorative Basket

    This colourful basket has a narrower opening which makes it a nice plant holder but it could also be used as a wee storage basket of course.   It’s around 23cm high and 18cm wide at the base.
  • Hanging Willow Star with Pinecone

    A woven star made different coloured willow with a small pinecone in the middle. The star itself is approximately 6cm and it is hung with jute string. The pinecone has been gathered by myself on our croft. It is wedged securely, no glue is used. To save on postage, the star might be sent with its pinecone next to it, not wedged in. This way they can fit in a flat pack! To wedge it back in, place the pinecone … Read More
  • Willow Wand

    Spread the magic with this wee willow wand. The wand is woven from a single piece of willow varies in length from 20-30cm with a 6cm diameter star.
  • Oak Whisky Barrel Plant Markers

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  • Willow Star Garland

    A magical willow star garland to brighten your home. There are 10 stars set on a simple jute string with a loop at each end. No plastic in sight! I make them from one, two (more rarely three) different willow varieties depending on what I have available so the natural colour of the bark will vary from one garland to another. Feel free to play with the spacing or set them on another string or ribbon if you like! Total … Read More
  • Handmade Wooden Plant Labels

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  • Willow Fishies

    Fiiiishie, fishie, fishie! After making a basket there are often left over tips which are too short to make another basket with, but they are perfect to make fishies! I really enjoy making them, each one is unique as the shape is never the same. The eye is made with a shell from our local beach. They have a loop of jute twine to hang them from.