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  • Cell Grown Trees (pickup only)

    Croft grown trees from our small tree nursery. Available October to March. We may have some trees during summer months – please contact us to arrange a visit.

    Pickup from croft only

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    Willow Cuttings (bundle of 10)

    40cm long cuttings

    Mixed vigorous varieties

    Available November-February only

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    Oval Shopper / Garden Basket

    An oval shopper basket perfect for a bit of shopping or collecting veggies from the garden. Measurements: 43cm long, 31cm wide, 19cm high (30cm to top of handle).
  • Hanging Willow Star with Pinecone

    A woven star made different coloured willow with a small pinecone in the middle. The star itself is approximately 6cm and it is hung with jute string. The pinecone has been gathered by myself on our croft. It is wedged securely, no glue is used. To save on postage, the star might be sent with its pinecone next to it, not wedged in. This way they can fit in a flat pack! To wedge it back in, place the pinecone … Read More
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    Willow Wand

    Spread the magic with this wee willow wand. The wand is woven from a single piece of willow varies in length from 20-30cm with a 6cm diameter star.
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    Oak Whisky Barrel Plant Markers

    Solid wood plant labels made from reclaimed Scottish whisky barrel oak. The whisky barrels these are made from have been used several times for making whisky, and then are retired from use. You can still smell the booze in the wood sometimes! Some of the labels have a charred thin edge on them from the charring process used in making the barrels. The ultimate in recycling I think! Oak is naturally durable outside and so these will last many years. … Read More
  • Willow Star Garland with Pinecones

    A magical willow star garland to brighten your home. There are 10 stars with pinecones inside set on a simple jute string with a loop at each end. No plastic in sight! I make them from one, two (more rarely three) different willow varieties depending on what I have available so the natural colour of the bark will vary from one garland to another. Feel free to play with the spacing or set them on another string or ribbon if … Read More
  • Handmade Wooden Plant Labels

    Solid wood plant labels made from sustainably sourced Scottish larch. I have started to make some plant labels from larch as a cheaper alternative to my oak ones and in larger pack sizes. The main difference is that larch is a softer wood, meaning that these will be slightly less durable and will not last quite as many seasons of reuse. They are vastly superior to the “lollipop sticks” you get in garden centres though, which are not durable at … Read More
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    Wooden Seed Trays

    Sorry, currently out of stock while I source more timber.