Aurore made her first basket at a workshop in March 2020 with Naturally Useful. Living remotely means it is difficult to attend classes and workshops so, to be able to learn the craft a bit more, Aurore signed up to Hanna van Aelst’s new online class on round baskets during lockdown. In July she attended a private two-day tuition with John Cowan in Lanark and learned oval work then. For now she is practicing and experimenting with what she knows but she’s hoping to learn square work in 2021. As well as baskets, Aurore enjoys making other crafty things like willow trays, fishes and stars… or whatever tickles her fancy!

Besides working with willow, Aurore also enjoys collecting natural fibres and make wee baskets and cordage out of them. There is a lot to play with within just a short stroll from the house!

Her baskets can be bought at the Hughag gallery in Skerray (next door to us, handy!) and at Lindsey Gallacher’s Studio in Thurso. What she has spare will be sold on our website.