We are beginning to build up our small tree nursery, growing mainly native trees for sale locally and online. In the future we aim to grow around 3-4000 trees per year. It is extremely important to plant trees of the correct provenance to give them the best chance of thriving, so we are well placed to grow trees suited to Sutherland, Caithness, Orkney and Shetland.

All our trees are grown from locally sourced seed or cuttings, and they are started off in spring inside a glasshouse, but moved outdoors as soon as we can. We then grow them on for two seasons, giving strong plants (most cell grown trees are one season old when sold, as they are raised inside). We grow our trees in cells, so that they can be transplanted at any time of the year, although winter months is always best for the tree.

We also sell a range of willow cuttings for basketry, screening, hedging and firewood. Although just in the early stages of this, we do hope to have some stock available winter 2020, with more trees available in 2021.