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Willow Cuttings (bundle of 10)


40cm long cuttings

Mixed vigorous varieties

Available November-February only

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We are now selling willow cuttings from the croft. These are all grown here on the croft and the varieties we sell have all proven the test of time. At the moment, we are selling mixed bundles of various varieties cut at 40cm long. As we did not plant these originally (the previous crofter did!) we do not know the exact variety names but you will receive a mix of different varieties in each bundle for a nice variation.

They are all Salix Viminalis or hybrids based on S. Viminalis. They are very vigorous and in more sheltered spots on the croft we can get over 4 metres growth in one season! In the first season planted as a cutting it is possible to get 2 metres growth. In exposed sites and poor soils, they will take longer to establish.

These willows are suited to a variety of uses such as windbreaks, hedging, tree hay, coppicing for wood chip, firewood or weaving.

In the future we will be selling specific basketry varieties – these willows are generally too vigorous for most basketry but are suited to outdoor weaving such as living structures etc. Please contact us if you are looking for specific varieties.

How to Plant

Cuttings are best planted in a prepared bed that has had the grass and weeds cut short, or even dug over. You will get much better results and low failure rates if you mulch the area you are planting in. We do not recommend the plastic woven membranes as they can get into the soil and are unnecessary waste. Instead use a biodegradeable membrane, or for smaller areas mulch with newspaper, cardboard, hay, straw, or whatever else you can find locally! 30cm cuttings are fine with a membrane, but longer cuttings are better for other mulches in our experience. That is why we sell longer cuttings at 40cm.

Keeping the willows grass and weed free with a mulch is essential for the first few years until they have established root systems. They also require watering if the area is prone to drying out. Do not plant in dry areas as willows need a lot of moisture to survive.

To plant, we use a large screwdriver or metal bar / stick, around 1cm diameter to make a hole (a point on the screwdriver helps to pierce the membrane / carboard if using). Then push the willow cutting in carefully to avoid kinking it. They need to be pushed in at least 20cm. Make sure the cutting is the correct way up! The buds will point upwards, and we prepare the cuttings with a straight cut at the bottom and a slanted cut at the top.

Managing Willows

Willows will re-grow when cut back to ground level (known as coppicing). You can do this annually, or on longer cycles if you want larger diameter material. For example, growing vigorous varieties for 5-6 years produces excellent firewood. For screening and windbreaks, it often recommended to plant two rows with the cuttings staggered, at 30cm spacing. For managing for firewood or longer rotations, spacing around 1m is more suitable.


We cut the willow to order and they are packaged in damp newspaper inside a cardboard box. They are best planted immediately, but if you have to store them for a week or so, keep them in a cool damp place and keep them moist.