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Cladding shining

Oops, it’s been a while since any updates! The douglas fir cladding – Scottish grown, from Logie Timber, has been getting a lot of comments – it’s really looking smart. Meanwhile I’ve been starting on the inside finishing the internal pine cladding, and framing the kitchen, installing the stove and water heater. Just a few weeks left now and a lot still to do!

Floor and Insulation

I didn’t quite get the floor finished before moving it so I’ve been finishing that off. It’s lovely Scottish grown douglas fir that will be given a matt hard wearing varnish to show its full colours. After that, I’ve painted the ceiling, then the fiddly job of threading all the wiring and then insulating. After the insulation goes in (sheeps wool) I add a aluminium vapour barrier to improve the overall insulation and also make sure it is air tight … Read More

Moving (tiny) house

Today we had a big day on the tiny house, moving it from the shed where we’d been working on it undercover back to our croft in Skerray, now that it’s watertight. It’s been a busy week getting all the cladding done and fitting the stable door. Next up is the interior; first on the list is the floor, insulation, electrics and then pine panelling.

Roof & windows

I’ve had a wee break from the tiny house working around the croft mainly cutting, pruning and planting trees as well as building a geodome, but now it’s back to the wee house. It was partly a forced break as the breather membrane I’d ordered had got lost and took over a month to arrive! The joys of parcels in the highlands! Last week we insulated the roof, and then took a few days ago we finished putting the membrane … Read More

Ceiling Done!

This week we’ve finished the trusses and ceiling panels. I’m really pleased with how the trusses turned out and they’re much stronger than the previous design I’d used. We’ve also finished staining the windows with 3 coats of ebony woodstain so they’re looking smart.

Ends & Curved Beams

We’ve had a few days break over the new year while friends were over visiting but got back onto the framing today. The ends are now framed and sheathed and the next job is to make the curved roof beams. Previously I’ve cut these from plywood sheets but this year I wanted to try laminating douglas fir timber instead. It creates less waste, allows me to use local timber, and also means the beams can be oiled or varnished as … Read More

Framing (the quick bit!)

On Boxing Day we made a start on framing the tiny home. Ike was around for 3 days before heading away for a few weeks so we made the most of having two of us on the project and trying to get the walls raised. This bit of the build is very fast and satisfying as it takes shape really quickly. First was laying the base galvanised metal sheets which protect the underside during transit and when sited. Then the … Read More

Modelling in 3D

I’ve been meaning to model my tiny homes in 3D for ages. It really helps to visualise the space, but as you can imagine, it takes a while to draw! Here’s the latest design which we’ll be building this year, designed by myself and the client. Click on the image to view the 3D model and give it a spin!… Read More

Ready to start (almost)

Well it’s December and I was supposed to have started in November! I had some issues getting the trailer that forms the base of the tiny home, having pre-ordered in March, so that set me back a bit. Finally it’s here though. Ike (who’s helping me with the build) picked it up along with a huge load of timber from the brilliant Logie Timber near Forres as well as the curved roof sheets from Cladco in Glasgow.