“Tiny” was my first tiny house, built in 2018. Commissioned by a friend to be a simple livable tiny house built to withstand Shetland’s harsh climate and using only sustainable materials, as well as incorporating as much reclaimed features as possible. It was a very tight budget but the challenge was accepted! And so began my tiny house building career!

The single storey “shepherds hut” style was chosen for its stability in a very windy place. It would be very unwise to put a struture taller than it is wide, on a trailer, up to Shetland and expect it to survive a winter gale! So mezzanine sleeping decks were discounted. I have since stuck to this concept as a design since as it is both unique and simple, as well as keeping the tiny houses relatively affordable.


Tiny is built on a 6m tiny house trailer, but is 6.6m long overall and 2.5m wide. There is a double bed, stable door, open kitchen, gas hob, wooden sink and wooden bath, compost toilet, woodburning stove with oven, and slide out table. Fully insulated with sheeps wool plus some reclaimed kingspan insulation, and all of the windows and door were reclaimed.

Tiny was let out on Airbnb for a while to help fund her, but now she is lived in full time, having moved back off Shetland, first to the Cairngorms, and moving again soon.