The Peerie Neuk is my third tiny home and was completed in April 2022. Commissioned by a client in Shetland, to be used (at least initially) as a unique holiday let. The use of sustainable materials and my track record of building tiny homes suitable for the Shetland climate were important factors for the build.


Tiny home Aird is 6m long, and 2.5m wide. Externally clad in Scottish grown douglas fir timber, which was also used for the floor and many of the features inside. A fixed entrance deck is a new feature for my designs and this home has a stable door. Inside there is a double bed, slide out table with bench seats, open kitchen with woodburning stove/oven. This time the compost toilet and full sized shower have been moved into a separate room, accessed via the porch. This keeps plumbing simple and reduces humidity and smells in the main space.

Electrics are powered by 12v solar with a 50Ah Lithium battery, sized to be enough for lighting and charging mobiles etc in Scottish winter.

Video Tour