Framing (the quick bit!)

On Boxing Day we made a start on framing the tiny home. Ike was around for 3 days before heading away for a few weeks so we made the most of having two of us on the project and trying to get the walls raised. This bit of the build is very fast and satisfying as it takes shape really quickly.

First was laying the base galvanised metal sheets which protect the underside during transit and when sited. Then the floor sub frame which will be insulated with sheeps wool later.

After that it was onto the side walls, framed and covered in ply. Although similar to normal building techniques, materials are very carefully spec’d to be lightweight as the entire build must be less than 3.5te including the trailer, plus also has to withstand being driven at 50mph on bumpy roads! So strength and light weight are key to the design. Everything is glued and screwed to give more stength and rigidity – no nail guns here!

I think the dodgiest part of the build is going to be climbing up the stack of cladding and scaffolding to the shed eaves to get a good photo every day!!

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